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An approach which would lead the urbanization activities of a country and enhance the life quality of people was born in 1953. The successful journey of the rooted brand of construction sector Emlak Konut has begun. Establishing environmentally conscious modern cities which would provide comfort for life of people has determined as the corporate vision. On this fundamental purpose, Emlak Konut has been the architecture of several innovative practices in its sector.

Emlak Konut has implemented exemplary and persistent projects for planned urbanization of our country. The firm has constructed the most innovative cities of their terms which are big enough to give their names to the places they are established. This consistent growth has brought along a serious turning point. And in 2002, Emlak Konut has turned into a real-estate investment company. Actually, this transformation is the precursor of gigantic projects, influential attempts and becoming a bigger company. As becoming a Real-Estate Investment Company, Emlak Konut has lead the projects which have a broad repercussion around the world in respect of design field, cover environmentally-sensitive and conscious technologies and add value to the city where they become a part. During the term of 12 years beginning from 2003, the company has implemented tenders for 100.000 independent sections.

Emlak Konut has gone to public for the two times by an attempt to take its objectives to broader horizons by crowning its rapid development. The first public offering in 2010 has become of the biggest 5 public offerings of the Republic Era. The second public offering in 2013 has become the biggest public offering of the Europe for the last 5 years in the real-estate sector. Emlak Konut which has grown by public offerings has consolidated its place among the strongest companies of Turkey with its 3.8 billions of Turkish Liras of paid capital and 16.4 billions of Turkish Liras of total actives as of 31st March 2015. 

Emlak Konut takes firm steps towards the future with its increasing momentum continuing since its foundation, people-oriented corporate philosophy and its current position. The company becomes closer to its objective to become the global player of this country to be referred honorably by every passing day.


Intaya which has been performing construction, infrastructure, electric, mechanic and landscaping projects since 2005 and has an experienced and dynamic staff, produces services at the European Union standards both in Turkey and the international market. Intaya, which has implemented several projects up to now and has determined its vision and mission to satisfy the requirements of its customers, achieves the growth targets to increase the company's value and carry out its activities within the scope of the market economy conditions by paying attention to ethical values and the environment.


EYG Real-Estate Development, which has been established in 2014 in order to present high-quality projects accessible by middle income section of the country, has determined its mission to act responsibly to elders, children and handicapped individuals of the society through a sense of social responsibility. EYG Real-Estate Development, which has established on the mission to make more than anyone, aims to raise its standards to a level to direct social development and provide added value.


İNTES İNŞAAT SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. which has been established in Istanbul in 1963 has become one of the rooted and leading contracting firms of Turkey in a short while. The firm is well-known with its projects completed both in Turkey and the Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia. The firm has successfully completed several large-scale industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects.