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Life in Adım Istanbul

Only a few steps to the life you are missing for.

Adım Istanbul Square which is just around the corner of your home will not only become the starting point of social life of Başakşehir, the subway station is also located here. The heart of Adım Istanbul beats in this square which is surrounded by walking trails, green areas and decorative pools.

Take a step into a life nested in nature with the lights of the city.

The Street Stores of Adım Istanbul

There are elegant cafes and rich shopping options are waiting for you at the street stores of Adım Istanbul located under your homes. You can safely take a walk in that square anytime you want and spend enjoyable times with your family and loved ones in the recreational spaces.

You will be able to experience the energy of New Istanbul without any interruption and located in the heart of social life.

Take a step into a life nested in nature with the lights of the city.

You will relieve your tiredness in the recreational areas with wooden floors. While, the decorative pools you will see wandering Adım Istanbul will make you feel great, the flowers you will see everywhere will juice up your day.

While, you are enjoying the sunny days by on the lawn, you will relish the nature and life at the wooden terraces.

Your meeting point,
Subway Station.

Adım Istanbul is not just an ordinary life project. You will especially and immediately feel that after you enter through the square and begin wandering around its avenues and streets.

The half circle huge square will become either your meeting point or an important center of attraction. You will enjoy fresh air in the recreational and pergola areas and you will take a walk or run for a while on the walking trails.

An amphitheater for music and art performances will make you feel the joy of Adım Istanbul.

Take a step into an energetic life.

Two social facilities together.

Life is as much as beautiful as it is full of energy in Adım Istanbul. Whether you live on the northern or southern side of the square, two social facilities located at both sides present you anything you need in a combined way.

Anything presented by social facilities from a fitness center to a swimming pool, a Turkish bath to a safe are under at your disposal.

Skylight Indoor Swimming Pool

The indoor swimming pool with skylight will provide you the chance to swim by enjoying sunlight without seen from outside thanks to its special ceiling design.

Adım Adım Fitness Center

You will be able to find all sports from Cycling to power plate, from apparatus Pilates to cardio at Adım Adım Fitness Center.

Istanbul Turkish Bath

The Turkish baths attracting the attention of the whole world will be presented to you through a more modern and elegant level in Adım Istanbul.