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New Istanbul, Yenişehir, A new life. 

While, exultant Istanbul has been growing step by step, Başakşehir is becoming a new center with Yenişehir project. Başakşehir which has become a great extent investment region develops through four sectors as business, housing, public spaces and access points.

Yenişehir which will host a population of 1 millions of people will begin from Kemerburgaz and extend through Küçükçekmece by covering the 3rd Airport field and Başakşehir.

Yenişehir project which is called as the new Istanbul, is constructed by taking Başakşehir region as the center where Adım Istanbul is also located.

This new center, which is grown on a solid foundation zone, hosts gigantic projects from the 3rd Bosporus Bridge to the 3rd Airport, from Kanal Istanbul to the Northern Marmara Highway Project. Adım Istanbul is ready to carry your life quality several steps further through its close wide range of means of transportation, education, health and social facilities. 

It is just enough for you to take a single step in order to live in Yenişehir, the heart of a brand new life.

Avrasya Tüneli

Eurasia Tunnel:
Asia and Europe will be connected to each other through a highway tunnel passing under sea bottom for the first time in history. The Eurasia Tunnel which will serve in the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, where the vehicle traffic of Istanbul is extremely intensive, will cover a course of 14.6 kilometers in total.

İstanbul Tüneli

Istanbul Tunnel:
By "the 3-Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel" project, Istanbul will have the first three-storey tunnel of the world which connects the subway lines and highways. More comfortable, faster and economical access will be provided to both sides of Istanbul by the Tunnel which will begin a new era for transportation.


Havaray (Air-Rail):
There will be 16 stations on the 11.6 km long Kucukcekmece - Halkali and Basaksehir line of Havaray.

başakşehir metro

Başakşehir Subway Line:
The transportation of Başakşehir will become fast, east and comfortable by means of the developing subway line investments of the city. The subway line which will be integrated with Marmaray and Istanbul Subway, Atatürk Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the new 3rd Airport will be connected to each other.

3üncü hava limanı

3rd Airport:
There will be a huge shopping center, 5-star hotels, commercial office buildings and a trade exposition site in the 3rd Airport which will blaze a trail for the world with its capacity of 150 millions of passengers.

3üncü köprü

3rd Bosporus Bridge:
It is planned that the new bridge will have 59 meters of width and 1.408 meters of main span. The new bridge where the 8-lane Northern Marmara Highway and 2-lane rail system will pass through will become one of the limited numbers of suspension bridges of the world with this specifications.

City Park

Başakşehir, the heart of new Istanbul will also have a gigantic city park. While, this glorious park presents a colorful spot for socializing, it will also bring the green areas we have missed back to us.

In addition to landscaping, there will be various areas such as walking trails, cycle lanes, sports and recreation areas. Every time you open your window in Adım Istanbul, you will see a colorful mature and sparkly view.

Başakşehir şehir parki

From now on, you will not feel yourself stuck in a big city, you will both become socialized and enjoy the peace of nature.

While, our children will be growing by experiencing the life nested in nature which we were used to in the past, you will enjoy rejoining with these values.

It is a must for blue to accompany green. The pond in the park will provide you the opportunity to enjoy blue by sitting near the lakeside.

This captivating park will not only attract the attention of the residents of the region, but also the attention of several visitors from four corners of Turkey.

Başakşehir şehir hastanesi

Başakşehir İkitelli Regional State Hospital

Your mind is at ease in Adım Istanbul. Because, whenever you need Başakşehir İkitelli State Hospital which is a huge health complex with its known title the Health City is just around the corner.

· General Hospital with the capacity of 443 beds
· Children Hospital with the capacity of 451 beds
· Maternity Hospital with the capacity of 451 beds
· Oncology Hospital with the capacity of 359 beds
· The Hospital for Neurologic and Orthopedic Sciences with the capacity of 347 beds
· The Hospital for Heart Diseases with the capacity of 303 beds
· Psychiatry Hospital with the capacity of 128 beds
· Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital with the capacity of 200 beds

Başakşehir City Square

A city square which will have its name rather frequently mentioned in Turkey is being constructed. The square to be established on an area of 60 thousands of square meters will be an example for Istanbul and other districts of Turkey. The City Square will not only break grounds with its size, but also with its infrastructure and transportation characteristics.

Başakşehir şehir meydanı

The city square, which is planned1 to be completed until the end of 2016, will join the square of Adım Istanbul and become the center of attraction of the entire region.