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Quality Standards

Adım Istanbul where the high-quality, superior materials, cutting-edge technology and workmanship quality come together, has been managed in any process from design to production through a customer-oriented quality approach and designed on "human comes first" approach by giving particular importance on the life-quality and comfort.

Our joint venture which believes in that a happy society can only be established by happy individuals, considers high level of customer satisfaction in any phase of its activities.

The technical consultancy service department is always ready for service in order to meet potential customer demands and create solutions for possible problems.

It is ensured that the project is implemented on a minimum-mistake basis by setting off on the conscious that almost 90% of Turkey is in an earthquake zone. Our project is established based on cutting-edge technology in accordance with the latest applicable Earthquake Regulations, the Turkish Standard No. 500, the Design and Construction Rules of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, 4798 numbered Construction Inspection Law and the provisions of the related regulations. In addition to these, the draft regulations which are put into force complementary for the national regulations, the regulations of Europe and the USA are also taken into consideration and analyzed and the project design and construction phases are implemented in accordance with their provisions.

Our project is implemented by designing with high-quality construction materials with TSE (The Turkish Standards Institute) certification which are controlled and subjected to several tests performed by the Construction Inspection Firm, technical consultants and elite engineers and architects of our firm.

Our project is constructed by using high-quality ready-mix concrete and BC III A reinforced concrete steel which are in accordance with the TSE (The Turkish Standards Institute)  and the reinforced concrete project with quality certification.

Technology and Security.

Adım Istanbul will be under 24 hour surveillance of the Security Center by cameras.  In addition to this, the security personnel will serve at the entrances and the square. By this way, high-end security conditions will be provided for you and your loved ones.

You will be able to accept your guests by checking them by means of the high-quality video-intercom systems to be installed in the houses.

Technical Specifications

In the project of 615 apartments, there are several apartment alternatives from 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 4+1 duplex, 5+1 to 5+1 duplex from 106.03 square meters to 268.65 square meters. Also, there are 120 commercial unit options with various space alternatives.

Acrylic and/or natural granite and/or marble and/or laminated kitchen counter will be installed. The space between the countertop and the upper kitchen cabinet will be covered with tile and/or granite and/or glass mosaic and/or tessellation and/or aluminum coated laminated MDF. The upper and lower cabinets of the kitchen will be mounted in their places after applying veneer siding and/or lacquer and/or membrane coating. The hinges will be double-acting hinges, aluminum base and adjustable legs will be installed. The accessories of the kitchen cabinet will be used after the confirmation of the Administration.

A bathroom cabinet including the washbasin in accordance with the related project and a decorative mirror will be installed. An embedded reservoir and suspended toilet seat will be established. Brass chrome plated toilet-paper holder, bar and/or round towel holder, double hanger and other related accessories will be installed. An acrylic bathtub or shower stall and shower cabin will be installed in the sizes in accordance with the project. A ventilation aspirator will be mounted on the wall and/or the suspended ceiling. A bathtub faucet as well as the sliding hand-shower and a faucet appropriate with the washbasin will be mounted.

A central system heating installation will be established and the heat expenses will be shared by a calorimeter. Under-floor heating system will be applied for the houses.

The interior and exterior units of a split air-conditioner will be installed in the living rooms by establishing the split air-conditioner infrastructure (copper piping and drainage) in accordance with the related project. The split air-conditioner infrastructure (copper piping and drainage) will be established for the parent bedrooms in accordance with the related project.

The buildings will be reinforced concrete carcass. The technique of the construction will be raft foundation and conventional mould and the static projects confirmed by the university will be used in that sense.

A digital, color video-intercom system will be used in accordance with the related project. The apartments can establish audible and visual communication with the security, block entrance and site entrances. A closed circuit television system (CCTV) which keeps the parking lot entrances and exits and block entrances under control for security purposes will be established in accordance with the project and the site will be under 7/24 surveillance and everything will be recorded at the security center.

A stainless-steel or reinforced concrete, modular type water tank with the sufficient and appropriate capacity indicated in the related project and mechanical installation practice criteria and a fully-automatic package type water pump group with frequency converter will be installed.

A generator system with the capacity to provide 100% backup energy will be established for all the common spaces and apartments.

The surfaces of underground reinforced concrete curtains; flooring, foundation and curtain joints will be applied water insulation and protective panel. Thermal and sound insulation will be established for the walls separating two apartments from each other and/or unheated spaces and for the sections of the joint walls corresponding to the living room and/or rooms. The exterior surfaces of the buildings will be jacketed in accordance with the related project and then dyed by silicon-based exterior paint.

1st class laminated parquet will be established for the living room and the bedrooms while 1st class tiles will be established for the kitchen, bathroom, we, balcony, closed-balcony, entrance halls and corridors.

PVC profiles and/or aluminum profiles with thermally-controlled sheathed double glass pane will be used. At least one window casement at each section will be established with dual-opening.

There will be 3 passengers and 1 service elevators in the A Blocks, 2 passenger and 1 service elevetorsin B Blocks and 2 passenger elevators in the C Blocks in accordance with the traffic calculations and the fire regulations. The elevators will have an emergency rescue system in accordance with the TSE and CE standards.

The fire extinguishing system and jet fan ventilation system will be established in the indoor parking lots in accordance with the related project.

In the landscaping approach which presents a parallel form with the modern social areas of Europe, common spaces addressing all age groups are used with the recreation and pergola areas, a huge square with half-circle shape, children playgrounds designed through a different approach, decorative pools, dry pool, amphitheater, flowers, deck terraces and walking trails.

There are Turkish baths, fitness centers and indoor swimming-pool with skylight in two social facilities located at both sides of the main square. The social facilities will be established in order to enable entrances of handicapped vehicles and strollers.